New rocket engine will take people to the moon in 4 hours

A little more than a month to deliver the ship to Mars.

Scientist Roger Xavier offered the electromagnetic motor is still 2000.

But for the age space Agency refused this development. Now German scientists conducted a study and decided to develop a heavy-duty engine.

This device is very economical.
New rocket engine will take people to the moon in 4 hours
This engine does not require fuel, as the device is driven by the solar radiation.

This electromagnetic engine creates a jet thrust during the reflection of electromagnetic rays from the walls of the closed chamber.

According to German researchers, this engine can produce a large power level, due to the reflection of electromagnetic radiation.

This explains why for this device does not require fuel.

Now created a working model of the engine, but soon there will be industrial production.
New rocket engine will take people to the moon in 4 hours
Scientists believe that soon this device will be a real discovery in the field of radioactive engines.

What NASA hides from humanity? On the surface of Mars discovered the flying balloon

Above the surface of Mars was recorded flying ball. Ufologists have already managed to accuse NASA employees that they hide from mankind the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.
On the surface of Mars discovered the flying balloon
The NASA Mars Rover Curiosity captured unidentified flying object over the surface of Mars at the end of July 2015. Picture was taken near mount sharp on Mars.

An unidentified object is shaped like a ball. Researchers at this point have not specified the nature of the origin of the ball. Some scientists suggest that it may be some form of organism. We also know that the ball is able to cast shadows.

Ufologists assured in the man-made nature of the findings. They even managed to blame the representatives of NASA that the Agency is hiding from mankind the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

However, not everyone shares the opinion of the UFO. For example, specialists in the exploration claim that the Rover has recorded ordinary stones. Scientists suggest that one of the stones look like a shadow. Because of this he created an optical illusion.

As previously reported, a sensational discovery NASA stirred mankind in the Universe there are “second Earth”.

A sensational discovery was made by NASA scientists – they managed to find a new planet, which is incredibly similar to Earth.

On this exoplanet that was discovered in the constellation Cygnus, as on Earth, can be water.